It has often been said that the installation of tile consist of 3 parts – tile, thinset and grout.  But with the switch to the thinset method and the increased popularity of large tiles and planks, surface prep products are now equally important.

These products may be floor leveling products and/or crack suppression products.  These should be used on most every job to “do it right the first time”. 

Byrd Tile offers a wide range of choices in both catagories in stock!!

           LEVELING                                                            CRACK SUPPRESSION

        Floor Mud                                                              Speedflex (peel and stick)

        Self Leveling                                                        Flexguard (peel and stick)

        Trowel Grade Underlayment                              WP6000

        Featheredge                                                         Chloraloy

        Propatch                                                                Wall Seal

                                                                                         EZ Seal

                                                                                         Noble Deck