Metal Tile: Distinctive, Durable, Decorative

Why metal tiles? Beyond their aesthetic appeal, metal tile is resistant to chipping and often offers a cost advantage over other types of tile. With choices like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, textured, decorative and more, metal tile can also become a striking design element in several different applications.

At Byrd Tile’s showrooms in Greenville and Raleigh, NC browse metal tile for backsplashes, trim, decorative accents and more. Our design consultants are happy to help you select the right metal tile to achieve your vision for your home or project. Visit us or schedule an appointment today!

Our Greenville and Raleigh tile showrooms carry metal tile from the following manufacturers:

  • Exotic Metal (USA)
  • Metal Focus (USA)
  • Original Style (England)
  • Walker Zanger (Europe)
  • Dune Ceramics (Spain)
  • Questech (USA)
  • Big Horn Metal (USA)