Tile Fireplace Photos

Tile surrounds and mantels can create a striking look, whether you’re tiling an outdoor fireplace or one in your living room. View our photos of tiled fireplace designs for inspiration.

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Client Testimonials

We are so pleased with how our recent kitchen and bath tile projects turned out. The Walker Zanger tile we selected is beautiful and high quality. Installation went very well and our design consultant was wonderful to work with. Her design eye helped to narrow down choices so picking tile for two projects wasn't intimidating. I was so amazed at how she immediately knew the perfect tile to use in our kitchen based of a few pictures I took of the surrounding rooms. Her recommendation was dead-on, and was something I never would have thought of myself...but is already something I couldn't imagine any other way. We're totally in love with our "new" spaces!

Cynthia Garrison, Homeowner