Tile Fireplace Photos

Tile surrounds and mantels can create a striking look, whether you’re tiling an outdoor fireplace or one in your living room. View our photos of tiled fireplace designs for inspiration.

  • Chisled-Sand-Fireplace
  • STM-Sonoma-Reserve-Gallery5
  • VintersReserve-5
  • alsace11_7115[1]
  • titan-vulcano-&-oxido-brick2
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  • picture-686
  • picture-692
  • parrish-102
  • coronado-fireplace-1
  • coronado-fireplace-2
  • coronado-fireplace-3
  • coronado-fireplace-4
  • coronado-fireplace-5
  • coronado-fireplace-6
  • coronado-fireplace-7
  • paver-pic-fireplace-18
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Client Testimonials

Asbury Remodeling & Construction, LLC

Asbury Remodeling & Construction services clients in the Raleigh metro area. As such, it's important for us to have vendors that provide us with quality products and services. Byrd Tile provides us with just that! Our customers love their selection and we can't say enough about the entire staff; each and every person there is knowledgeable and friendly. If you haven't visited their showroom, treat yourself to a visit. Thank you Byrd Tile, you are a valuable partner of ours and we look forward to a long relationship.

Asbury Remodeling & Construction, LLC