Outdoor Tile Photos

Whether used in a patio, walkway or deck, tile’s durability, few maintenance requirements and attractive look make it an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. Browse our outdoor tile photos to see what Byrd has to offer.

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  • Apex Paver of Stuart, Florida Installation with Photography by Randy Smith
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Client Testimonials

Dealing with Byrd Tile was a great experience. We renovated an older home and, with the help of our design consultant, made our visions into reality. Often times, she would make recommendations that would actually improve what we envisioned. Sketches of each space were given to our installers who always commented on how great the drawings were and how easy our job was to install. We were so pleased with our new home, we chose to renovate another home and have gone back to Byrd again! And again, we were thrilled with the results!

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Winston Jr., Raleigh, NC